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Ever since Controlfluid has succeeded in preserving the small, but very effective dimension, which has been the key to its leading role among the companies operating in the field and to successfull achievements in the most advanced technological challanges. Controlfluid’s distinctive feature is its open minded cooperation with engineers and end users to facilitate their difficult and complex tasks.

Controlfluid’s long term experience, absolute flexibility and adaptability in meeting a wide range of requirements together with its qualified operating skills have made it a household name with many an industry-chemical, petrochemical energy, pharmaceutical, food processing and shipbuilding. The very high quality and safety levels reached by Controlfluid's production standards range from the resistance to high temperatures and pressures, to low temperatures and the agressiveness of more and more critical fluids.

Controlfluid obtained the ISO 9000 certification of quality in 1997 and guarantees also for the items produced by others, but unified under its own name. All valves are inspected one by one through destructive and non-destructive tests and undergo a final leakage test strictly in line with the requirements and the specifications of the customer. The company is well equipped with all the facilities and the resources needed to achieve the best results.

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