Control Valves


A control valve is a valve with a power positioning actuator for moving the valve plug to any position relative to valve port or ports in response, and in proportion to, an external input received.

The opening or closing is commonly operated by electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators. Usually a modulating valve can be set to any position between fully open and fully closed; positioners are used to ensure the valve attains the desired degree of opening. Air-actuated valves are used for their simplicity as they only require a compressed air supply.

The pneumatic control signal is traditionally set on a pressure range of 3-15 psi or an electrical signal of 4-20 Ma for industry, or 0-10 V for HVAC systems. With development of cheap industrial microprocessors the electrical signal offers a “SMART” communication signal with Hart or Fieldbus protocols or Profibus protocols.

Valve Specs

Valve Design Bolted Bonnet, O.S. & Y.
Construction Globe, Butterfly, Ball-Segmented
Flow Characteristics Equalpercentage, Linear, Special, Characterization
Size ½" - 28"
Pressure Range 150# - 2500#
Bore Conventional or Reduced

Materials Cast Iron, Carbon, Steel, Stainless, Steel, Duplex, Alloy
Material Status Forged or Cast
Seats Metal
Shutoff Class II, III, IV, V
Testing FCI 70-2
Operator Actuated
Accessories On Request

All materials are in conformity with NACE MR 01-75

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