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  • Floating Ball ValvesIndustrial Valves

    Floating Ball Valves: Up to 8".

  • Trunnion Mounted Ball ValvesIndustrial Valves

    Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves: From 8" to 36".

  • Three Way Ball ValvesIndustrial Valves

    Three Way Ball Valves: 90° or 120° angle / L or T port.

  • Gate ValvesIndustrial Valves

    Gate Valves: Forged steel up to 2". Cast steel over 2".

  • Globe ValvesIndustrial Valves

    Globe Valves: Forged steel up to 2". Cast steel over 2".

  • Check ValvesIndustrial Valves

    Check Valves: Swing or Piston type. Dual Plate Disc type.

  • Butterfly ValvesIndustrial Valves

    Butterfly Valves: Conventional / High Performance / Damper.

  • Plug ValvesIndustrial Valves

    Plug Valves: Lubricated or Non-Lubricated.

  • Control ValvesIndustrial Valves

    Control Valves: Control and Regulating Valves.

  • Strainers / FiltersIndustrial Valves

    Strainers & Filters

  • Valve ActuatorsIndustrial Valves

    Actuators and Systems for operating valves

  • SpeciaL applicationsIndustrial Valves

    SpeciaL applications


Valve Supplier

CONTROLFLUID produces and trades valves, actuators and all components for processing and regulating fluids and gas in industries.

Production usually follows the International Standards but, tailored valves can be realized according to the customer's needs.

As an independent and private company, CONTROLFLUID can select reputable manufacturers whose products can be sourced, tested and sold under a single vendor and guarantee.


Assembly and Dimensional drawings are always available for standard products.
For specific jobs, each drawing with Customer reference, will be realized within few days.

Reference List

A list of our main sales record is available upon request.


Products catalogue is available upon request.

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